Code of Ethics  
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Preamble-Mission Statement

The Metrolina Provider Network, Inc. works a collaboratively as a network to provide an array of services and supports for individuals with disabilities that promotes:

  • Consumer's Choice
  • High Quality
  • The individuals capacity for self-sufficiency
  • This mission is noted in the following core values, which drive the development of our Code of Ethics:

    Ethics 1. INTEGRITY: Accurate and truthful representation

    Ethics 2. COMPETENCE: Honor responsibilities to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competence for themselves and those in the employ.

    Ethics 3. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: promote the dignity and the autonomy of the profession, maintain harmonious interprofessional and intraprofessional relationships, and accept the profession’s self-imposed standards. All professional relationships should be directed to improving the quality of life for the individuals who receive supports from the member agency.

    Ethics 4. PROMOTIONS AND REPRESENTATIONS: assure the right of consumers and other who make decisions regarding services to have complete and accurate information on which to make choices.

    Ethics 5. INDIVIDUAL VALUE AND DIGNITY: Provide supports and services, which promote respect and dignity of each individual served.

    Ethics 6. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Supports the emergence and growth of inclusive communities.

    Every individual/organization who is a member of the MPN will abide by this Code of Ethics. Any action that violates the spirit and purpose of the code will be considered unethical.

    Any individual in a staff position within a member program is responsible for compliance with the professional standards and code for his/her professional association. A code of ethics establishes parameters that define individual as well as programmatic conduct in the areas of development and implementation, marketing and advertising, and service provided to individuals and their significant others within the array of programs and services represented by the MPN.

    This code of ethics reflects the importance of, and the respect of, the fundamental human, civil, constitutional, and statutory rights of each individual with whom members and their employees have contact.

    Overall, we as professionals bear the responsibility to carefully examine and recognize the professional, programmatic, organizational, financial, and/or political situations and pressures that could lead to the misuse of our cooperate in its implementation and regulation.


    The Board of Director, in its sole discretion, may expel or sanction any member found to have violated applicable laws and regulations governing member business practice by competent authority, if such are also violations of the Code of Ethics.

    I as a representative of ____________________________(agency) have read and agree to abide for myself and as an agency the above Code of Ethics.

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